Hi, I'm Keenan

I am an expert at optimizing Customer Acquisition Cost and maximizing Lifetime Value. I’ve had the amazing chance to work with and learn from some really well-known people in personal and business growth.

My mission is pretty simple: I help businesses make every dollar count. I’m all about making your business worth more, fixing any leaks in your sales pipeline, and trimming down unnecessary spending.

Here’s what I focus on:

  • Aligning sales, marketing, and customer experiences functions for growth.
  • Using data to make your business better, both now and in the future.
  • Making it easier for customers to buy from you.
  • Helping you earn more from each customer

I love finding smart, new ways to make businesses better. I look at where you might be losing money, test out new ideas, and use strategies that might seem a bit different but really work.

I’m all about using data and tech to find cool insights that make your business grow in a way you can actually see and plan for. And I love playing around with the latest tech tools to build systems and funnels that run themselves.

When I’m not busy with all that, I’m just a regular guy who loves spending time with my family, staying active, and enjoying good food.

Want to make your business better and grow in a smart way? Let’s chat and make it happen!

Keenan Shaw Blue Square Profile

Core Values

  • Faith Over Fear

    In life, I've learned that facing challenges is easier when you choose faith over fear. I believe in trusting my instincts and taking bold steps, even when the outcome isn't clear. It's like walking through a foggy path and trusting that I'll find my way. This belief gives me the courage to take on challenges and stay hopeful, even when things get tough.

  • Continuous Improvement

    In my journey, the concept of continuous improvement has been a game-changer, especially in business. It's like embracing the spirit of Kaizen in every marketing campaign and growth strategy. Every day, I look at what's working and what's not, then tweak, adjust, and improve. It's about building on small successes, learning from each campaign, and applying those lessons to get better results each time. This approach isn't just about growth; it's about smart, sustainable growth that's built on a foundation of constant learning and adapting.

  • Systems Solve Problems

    I've always believed that the secret to consistent success in business lies in having robust, documented systems. It's not just about the results we see; it's about understanding and refining the process that leads to those results. Whenever I encounter a failure or a bottleneck, my first step is to examine the underlying system. Do we have a clear, documented method that everyone follows? Is it efficient? By focusing on creating and improving these systems, I ensure that success is not just a one-time event but a repeatable and scalable outcome.

  • Leaders are Readers

    My growth, both personally and in business, has been fueled by a simple truth: leaders are readers. But it's not just about devouring books; it's about applying the lessons learned to real-life challenges. Each book I read is like having a conversation with a giant, and I've stood on the shoulders of these giants to reach new heights. By absorbing their wisdom and translating it into action, I've been able to navigate complex business landscapes and continuously evolve.

  • The Secret to Living is Giving

    I've found that the real joy in life comes from giving to others. It's like sharing a part of yourself and seeing happiness multiply. When I give, whether it's time, help, or kindness, I feel like I'm making a real difference. This value reminds me that life's best moments come not from what we get, but from what we give away.

Keenan Shaw at Tony Robbins' Desk
Keenan Shaw and wife Lauren Shaw enjoy yacht
Keenan Shaw with Tony Robbins in Abu Dhabi